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This is a feature of the website added in 2020, it features stories and updates from Redragon and its Group Affiliated companies.

1 Mar 2020 - You know you have the competition bamboozled when they phone Head Office to complain about your marketing strategy! Keep up the good work guys...

12 Feb 2020 - There is a sense of pride at Redragon when we look at the number of innovations we have brought to this industry, and how these innovations are spreading through the industry, being adopted by fellow manufacturers as new de facto standards in their products. Knowledge should be shared for the benefit of all, we are pleased to do this.

3 Feb 2020 - Always a pleasure to get reacquainted with former colleagues who have moved on to different pastures. For the most part they are grateful for the time spent with us and for what they have learned and the opportunities given and we are blessed for the renewed contact.

31 Jan 2020 - A year ago today, our inspiration, George Hodgson, passed away. George, father of the Redragon founder Paul Hodgson, built the World's first Mobile Regeneration System in 1976 in South Africa. Contact us for a copy of the brochure showing this iconic system or download here 1976 Mobile Rig

1 Jan 2020 - A Happy New Year to all our partners, continued well-being and prosperity for the year ahead.



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