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 Frequently Asked Questions
This is a selection of questions that we at Redragon are often asked
- Q. Can Redragon systems remove Corrosive Sulfur and DBDS from transformer oil?
   A. Yes. The TORS series of transformer oil regeneration systems fully removes corrosive sulfur including elemental sulfur. It is important to realize that regenerating the oil must be continued to the endpoint to fully remove sulfur as it is one of the last contaminants to be removed.
- Q. Why is there sometimes such a big difference in prices between different manufacturers of degasifiers for the same flow rate?
   A. Usually this comes down to the vacuum pump package. It is not uncommon for a vacuum pump package to comprise as much as 25% - 30% the price of a degasing system. The HVD series of High Vacuum Degasifiers from Redragon offers you a choice in vacuum packages. The impact of this is typically reflected in the number of passes required to achieve the desired oil parameters. The bigger the vacuum package the lower the number of passes required to do the job but the higher the capital cost of the degasifier.
- Q. Why does Redragon quote different BDV values for the same system?
   A. This is due to the fact that there are several different and acceptable testing methods in use globally, e.g. ASTM, IEC, each will produce a different value on the same oil sample.
- Q. Can your systems be used on transformers that are energized and/or under load?
   A. Yes, both the TORS and HVD systems have the option to work online using the optional TOLMS or Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System. This system also allows most other manufacturers degasifiers to be converted to an online system as the TOLMS can also be supplied as a standalone system.
- Q. Does Redragon provide onsite support?
   A. Yes, we do. We are able to train and assist your equipment operators at your site, or your client's site, on both offline and online oil processing.
- Q. When referring to SF6 gas compressors I see the terms oil-lubricated, oil-free and oil-less. What are the differences between these variants?
   A. Oil-lubricated compressors have both the compressor crankcase and the gas pumping chamber lubricated by oil. Clearly this compressor exposes the pumped SF6 gas to oil contamination. Redragon does not use oil-lubricated compressors. Oil-less compressors have sealed bearings in the crankcase and non-oil lubricated pumping chambers. Oil-free compressors have oil lubricated crankcases and non-oil lubricated pumping chambers, isolated by triple-seals from the crankcase, preventing any oil contamination of the SF6 gas being pumped. Redragon uses oil-less and oil-free compressors for a guaranteed contamination free gas.
- Q. Can Redragon perform service work on other manufacturers equipment?
   A. Yes, in most cases we can repair, service or upgrade other manufacturers oil processing and SF6 gas processing equipment.
- Q. Can your SF6 systems cater to new EPA requirements for weighing SF6?
   A. Yes, all of the Redragon SHX-series of gas processing carts can be fitted with accurate loadcells for precise control of gas inventory.
- Q. When should I add a Roots booster to my oil processing system?
   A. A Roots booster is not required for oil processing; it should only be used when vacuuming a transformer. There is a danger of negatively impacting transformer oil qualities by using too high a vacuum, too high a temperature or a combination of the two - the oil viscosity will increase with the subsequent removal of light-ends, reducing the oil's efficiency to cool the transformer.
- Q. Does Redragon provide transformer dryout systems?
   A. Yes. We offer our DOF-series. These small versions of high vacuum degasifiers are designed to run unattended for periods of weeks at a time. They have a relatively low flow rate compared to the transformer oil volume and are optimised to not only reduce the core mositure content but to degasify the transformer, removing reactive oxygen from inside the transformer environment and slow down the aging process - something non-vacuum systems cannot do.
- Q. Does Redragon only sell equipment or does it offer rentals, rent-to-own, and/or alternative payment schemes?
   A. Redragon will work with you to ensure that you get the quality Redragon system that you want. We offer a range of financial options.

- Q. Does Redragon provide onsite service using its own equipment?
   A. Not currently.
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