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The TOLMS, Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System, from Redragon Oil & Gas Systems International Inc. is a system that can be retro-fitted to existing degasifiers to provide a convenient means of processing oil on energised transformers. The system is available as a factory-fitted option on all Redragon TORS and HVD series oil treatment systems. As a retro-fit it is complete with its own electrical enclosure containing all electrical components and Allen-Bradley PLC.

The TOLMS allows the transformer to be conveniently topped-up with extra oil and allows the oil hoses to be filed with oil all while connected to the transformer – no change of hoses or moving oil-filled hoses is required.

Oil level monitoring is achieved via a pressure transducer that is connected to the control panel. A graduated audio-visual alarm system is employed. In the event of an excessive oil level decrease in the transformer, caused by a hose rupture for example, the TOLMS will automatically isolate the transformer drain valve prevent catastrophic loss and transformer damage.


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