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Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) is a compound that has a unique combination of properties, such as:

Chemical Inertness

Thermal Stability

Excellent Heat Transfer


High Dielectric Strenght


Ability to Regenerate

that have seen it applied in a wide variety of industries, amongst others:

Magnesium Casting

Aluminum Degassing
Leak Detection

Electrical Components

Particle Accelerators

In the electrical industry the gas is used primarily in circuit breakers, puffer breakers (where SF6 used in place of air, oil or vacuum), switches and gas Insulated transmission lines

SF6 does have a number of disadvantages that are becoming more and more critical to an environmentally-aware population.

Sulphur Hexaflouride is considered to be a fully flourinated compound (FFC). Since FFC's have atmospheric lifetimes of up to   50,000 Years, these potent greenhouse gases could contribute significantly and, essentially, permanently to global warming if emissions continue to grow. If CO2 has a global warming potential of 1, then SF6has a global warming potential some 25,000 times higher.

The SHF-series of SF6  recovery units is designed to minimise the impact of these means of the following:

Greenhouse gas reduction - through transfer of the SF6 from its current housing to onboard or external storage cylinders the gas does not need to be vented into the atmosphere

By-product removal - by use of suitably designed filters and scrubbers its is possible to remove hazardous contaminants from the SF6 gas.
Cost reduction - by efficiently recycling the gas through the SHF recovery unit it is possible to reuse the existing SF6 gas minimising the requirement of purchasing new gas.
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