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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are man-made chemicals that were first synthesized in the 1880s. They have excellent properties (fire-resistant, highly stable, insulating, low volatility) that define them to be ideal for use in electrical transformer. Generically known as Askarel, they were found to be toxic and their by-products can be fatal. However the very properties that make them so desirable as a medium in electrical transformer and capacitors make their disposal very difficult. Production of PCBs was banned in North America in 1977 and most of the approximately 650,00 ton manufactured has been accounted for.

The manually operated PCB system is skid-mounted and has a footprint that is conductive to mounting a trailer for mobile operation. It is attractively priced to appeal to the smaller utility or service company

Dimensions and specification (Example: PCB-200):

Length – 120" or 3050mm

Width – 78" or 2000mm
Height – 84" or 2100 mm

Voltage – 460V, 380V, 575V, 50/60 Hz

Maximum recommended PCB – 500 PPM

Batch size – 200 US gallons or 750 litres

Setting tank – 400 US gallons or 1500 litres

Dispersion tank – 7 US gallons or 25 litres 

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