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The OLTC series of online tap changer filters is used to remove particulate and water from insulating or dielectric oils in a load tap changer. It is designed to be permanently attached to a oil filled electrical device such as tap changers, transformer, or circuit breakers. With the use of a suitable cartridge acids can also be removed from the oil.

The OLTC filter is controlled by a micro PLC whose operation can be optimized be the user for individual tap changers.

This is the first stage required to remove the solid contamination. The filtered oil is fed into a vacuum chamber where, due to the reduced pressure above the liquid, dissolved water is vaporized. The reduced pressure also facilitates the removal of any entrained gases in the oil.  

Typical specification


316L stainless steel enclosure is standard

316L suction and discharge flanges are standard, other connectors are available

3 USGPM and 5 USGPM flow rates are standard. Maximum flow rate of 10 USGPM is available

The Allen-Bradley Pico controller performs simple logic, timing, counting and real-time clock operations

A positive displacement feed pump ensure reliable oil flow under all conditions

High pressure switch and integral pressure relief valve protects the OLTC filter system against a clogged filter or closed valve on the downstream line 

An air bleed valve on the filter housing allows the OLTC filter system to be primed and bled easily

316L stainless steel pipe fitting used throughout ensure maximum oil cleanliness and system longevity
Industry standard filter housing accepts a wide variety of filter elements from various cartridge manufacturers
Easy-change filter housing allow for rapid filter cartridge change out
Power-coated internal control cabinet protects electrical and electronic components from accidental contact with oil or water
Ventilation/extraction fan is provided as standard
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