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Adds value to reclaimed oils by improving color and reducing or removing odors and sulphur.

The CPS-series of clay polishing systems from Redragon provides an economical alternative to hydrogen treatment plants as a means of adding value to re-refined lube oil.

Designed as an add-on or retrofit to wipe film evaporators these units are equally applicable to other types of oil refineries as a final polishing stage.

The CPS is based upon banks of active columns that contain an absorptive clay. The physical charasteristics of the clay allow it to be re-activated once saturated, and thereby permitting several hundred cycles to be run before being replaced.

Once exhausted, typically of 6months to a year of continuous, the clay is disposed off in a conventional landfill site. as a dry non-hazardous waste. Average lifetime costs of clay per gallon of oil processed is US$ 0.02 at 2009 prices.

Processing oil through the CPS results in an oil that is stable against oxidation over any measured timescale - this increase in shelf life is an added benefit of the clay polishing system. Furthermore the Viscosity Index is not degraded by the clay polishing system.

Virtual multi-pass operations can be achieved by a single pass through the CPS as it is designed to switch from parallel to series mode operation via the custom SCADA supplied with every system. This allows the plant owner to easily switch between different processing modes for each oil stream reclaimed through the front-end system. Integration with existing front-end systems and/or tank farms is easily achieved with the Redragon CPS




Flow rates from 30 USGPH to 7,200 USGPH (100 LPH to 27,000 LPH).

Single bank, dual bank, triple banks and quad bank versions.
Parallel mode operation in single pass, least contact time, fastest processing.

Series mode operation simulates triple-pass, most contact time, better quality oil.

Modular system ensures no skid is larger than can be shipped inside a 40-foot high cube container for reduced shipping and handeling costs.

All global voltages and frequencies are available.

Onsite training, commissioning, start-up and custom process optimisation is included with each CPS

Full client involvement during the manufacture, from engineering approval through to start-up

Flexible footprint allows placement in unusual shape locations

Dual gas scrubber allows for integration of exhaust into front-end refinery to minimise points of emission for enviromental permit.

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