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  CNF series


Most oils that are subject to treatment by conventional vacuum systems require a relatively low water content for the vacuum systems to operate efficiently. For example, high vacuum degasifier vacuum pump packages are usually unable to handle much more than a few hundred parts per million of water before giving virtually uncontrollable foaming issues. Even low vacuum treatment systems are typically limited to around 5000 PPM or 0.5% for effective treatment.


Given that a great deal of water is present in oil at traditional oil recycling facilities, it is prudent to pre-treat these oils prior to vacuum treatment, which produces an ultra-low moisture level. It is not uncommon to have water-in-oil values more than 15% or even 25%. The Redragon CNF series addresses the issue of high water levels by integrating commercially available high-speed vertical disk-stack centrifuges into packaged systems that are available as skid-mounted or trailer-mounted units – self-powered by integral diesel generators if required.

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