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The HVD series of degasifiers uses the only known method for reducing all three primary contaminants by treating the transformer oil; the thermo-vacuum process.

Transformer oil is drawn in to the degasifier by means of low pressure created either by an inlet pump of a vacuum pump or combination or both. The oil is heated to reduce its viscosity and allow it flow through the rest of the system at a lower pressure. A magnetic strainer typically removes coarse particles larger than 20 microns.

This is the first stage required to remove the solid contamination. The filtered oil is fed into a vacuum chamber where, due to the reduced pressure above the liquid, dissolved water is vaporized. The reduced pressure also facilitates the removal of any entrained gases in the oil.

The range lends itself to customization including:

Mechanical vacuum pumps can be rotary vane or rotary piston

Vacuum performance can be enhanced through use of a Roots booster
Oil Pumps can be centrifugal or positive displacement

Gauging can be digital or analogue

System can be skid mounted or fitted inside a trailer Operational control can be switch-and relay-logic or PLC with touch screen

Online test and monitoring equipment such as hydrometers, dielectric breakdown devices, gas content meters, flow meters, thermocouples, pressure transducers,differential pressure switches and data loggers can be added.

Mobile units can be equipped with hose reels, power cable reels,  aboratories, offices, crew quarters and generators

Units can be supplied for operation on energized transformers complete with an automatic transformer oil level system

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