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OPU pump units are designed to operate as either standalone units (manual or PLC controlled from local station) or integrated into sophisticated SCADA systems sitting on top of Allen-Bradley or Siemens PLCs that can be remotely controlled via Ethernet/Devicenet or wireless networks.

Standard units incorporate self-sealing couplings such as Avery-Hardoll or quick disconnect such as Camlock, which are available in gunmetal, brass or stainless steel material.

Pipework is typically carbon steel or stainless steel and all welding is undertaken by ASW-certified welders. Pipemanifolds are either hydrostatically- or pneumatically-tested to national standards and any incorporated tankage is designed and manufactured to ASME standards.

Typical specification


Integrated oil drip pan

Flow rates to 50,000 litres per hour

Elevated base for ease of movement

Choice of wetted materials

Aluminum frames for weight reduction

Custom SCADA/PLC  

Leakage alarms

Control panel requires only power and optional Ethernet connections
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